Have a Secret Goal Related to Living a Healthier Lifestyle? Here’s How to Successfully Achieve Your Dream While Keeping It Private.

No Matter what your secret desire is for living a healthier lifestyle, you can absolutely live your dream by establishing your “why” and creating a powerful shift in your mindset.


Everyone has a secret desire as to why they want to try a new diet and not only be successful with it, but make their dreams come true. Maybe you day dream about fitting into those high school jeans you’ve kept all these years to look stunning for an upcoming reunion. Maybe you are going on a cruise or a vacation in the near future and you want to look great in a bathing suit. Perhaps you just want more energy to play with your kids or grandchildren. 

Whether you were the top high-school jock who wants to recapture some of that former athleticism or you want to be that strong and fit soccer mom, there’s nothing wrong with your secret desire. The key is determine exactly what you want, create a plan and do it. In order to do these important steps to reach your secret goals, you have to change your mindset. Keeping the same daily habits and not changing your lifestyle, keeps your goals an unattainable dream. So you have to move past the dream state and into taking action.

Think trying another fad diet is going to be the answer? Wrong. It’s not just about diet, especially if it’s a socially trending diet plan—those rarely work and often lead to failure and disappointment. What you should first look at is how to change your mindset about healthy living. If you want to shed those unwanted pounds, create muscle gains, have more energy, get a fit physique and stay that way, it’s all about mastering these 3 things—every day. 

1. Mindset - Establish your reason “why” or what you want to accomplish (your secret goal). Create a healthy lifestyle by following a plan and getting the support or community you need. Sometimes you don’t want to share your secret goals with friends or family, and that’s where a community can support you. If you need help getting started, hire a coach who can guide you through the process of establishing healthy habits and a mindset to keep you focused—ensuring your success.

2. Nutrition - Your body needs essential nutrients to stay energized throughout the day. Within the first week of eating healthier you’ll notice less hunger. Most unhealthy diets consist of empty carbs and insufficient nutrition. That’s why it’s important to include nutritious snacks to curb hunger. Following a step-by-step meal plan that has all the essential daily nutrition when you are just starting out, is a great way to learn how to eat properly and sustain it.

3. Activity - Physical activity or  any type of exercise is vital to your overall wellness. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to get a boost. 30-minutes of exercise 5x a week or two 15-minute sessions can do the trick. Science has also proven that having a regular interval of physical activity can boost your mental health by supporting a positive mood and aiding in mental clarity. 

Remember, every day is a new gift and tomorrow isn’t promised.  

A good coach will guide you and keep you accountable while working with you through obstacles. Coaches also educate you on making better health and nutrition choices, as well as providing or suggesting fitness routines.  A coach that cares will remind you what’s at stake if you want to quit.

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*This article is not intended to substitute for informed medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or condition. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits, taking supplements, or starting a new fitness routine.

Roland Manny